House of Health by Dr. Veena Arora

Homoeopathic Consultant and Counselor
Reg. no. BHSD002817

Homoeopathy at a glance

Homoeopathy is a therapeutic method for treating diseases by applying those medicines which are capable of producing similar symptoms as that of disease from which the patient suffering. It is based on the fixed law “similia similibus curentur” which means “let like be cured by likes”. Homoeopathy is an ideal and gentle therapeutic method which gives rapidly permanent restoration of health by removing and annihilating the disease in its whole extent in the most harmless way.

Homoeopathy is the only scientific system of medicine which gives rapid, harmless, gentle, reliable and permanent cure by removing symptoms in totality. Besides, there is no chance of suppression and drug disease. Homoeopathy has proved its efficacy all over in many chronic cases where patient had tried other systems but with no result instead further damage to the body. Only shortcoming is that it has little or no scope in emergency cases.

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Dr. Veena Arora’s career in holistic health spans 20 years. Her journey began young as she developed a strong passion towards health and well being, her experience encompass healing through homeopathy, Mind and Body Wellness, Dietary Science and Psychological Well being. She completed “Bachelor in homoeopathic medicine and surgery” in 2000 from the renowned Nehru homeopathic medical college, Delhi . Post which she began her professional career with New Bombay cancer hospital, Gurgaon and worked there for a little less than a year to understand cancer patient needs. This experience instilled strong values of empathy, coupled with her modest upbringing she has always wanted to give back to the society. Soon enough, She took charge of three charitable clinics around North Delhi where she engaged with various patients on a regular basis. In 2003, HomeoHealing , her first clinic came into being with Homeopathy principles at the core of healing. Five years into this journey, She moved to Pune and set up another branch in Kharadi, Pune while making bimonthly visits to delhi to take care of her chronic patients. To broaden her understanding in the field of psychological health, she completed in psychology and counselling in 2010 and joined Victorious kidss educares, a reputed International baccalaureate school in Kharadi, Pune as a school counsellor and led the innovation around special kids education. With keen interest in this field, She also explored teaching the subject as a visiting faculty for psychology to diploma students. These five years of learning, teaching and leading opened her up to relooking health as a more comprehensive subject. With that being at the heart of ‘ House of Health’ , Dr Arora started operations in 2018 as she moved back to Delhi and opened a new setup “House of health”in Rohini and pitam pura.
House of health focuses on holistic well being of its patients.

Dr Arora is also a senior trustee with NGO Arpan Prayas wherein she partners with them to spread awareness around key health challenges like Diet and nutrition,hygiene ,in specific menstrual hygiene for the section of the society that don’t have access to a proper healthcare and other charitable initiatives .

On the personal front, She is passionate about all things art and design. And when not with her patients, You will find her with paints and canvas spreading happiness through colours or spending a quality time with her loving family of four.

Specializations and Services

  • Thyroid Ailments: Hyperthyroidism and
  • Skin ailments: Scabies, pyodermas, Psoriasis, Acne, Alopecia, Herpes , Leucoderma, Vitiligo, Fungal infections, Chloasma.
  • Arthritis and other painful conditions of locomotor system.
  • Treatment of Renal calculi and management of gall stones.
  • Children disorders: Developing strong immunity in childhood helps them in the long run. Be it common cold or weak eyesight, early age treatment is more effective and helps the child grow well and attain best of their potential.

Connect with us for treatment of tendencies for cough and cold, chronic tonsillitis, skin diseases, Strained Eyes. Health and Growth Related disorders, Immunity building, worm infestations and Nutritional deficiencies.

  • Female disorders: Females go through immense turmoil all through and still ignore their We understand their emotional needs too and help them stay healthy in all phases and stages.

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We understand that the current times are challenging for all of us.Health should be prioritised all the more in these tough times. Online consultation is available and visit to clinic would be on need basis.

It is easy, fast and secure.Data confidentiality is ascertained by all means.

Online consultation in 4 easy steps:

Book an appointment online or leave a whatsapp message .

Pay the consultation fee and get a convenient slot. you can pay via paytm,Gpay,or UPI transfers

Get consultation on newly existent available platforms e.g google meet,skype whatsapp video call ,zoom.Diagnostic tests are adviced if needed,reports of which can be scanned and shared.

Recieve your medicine within24-48 hours based on your location with complete instructions and management advice.

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